• The Paris ReviewFall 2018


    “A guy’s looking at you.” Lexy knew better than to turn around. The swings were twisted up to the steel frame, the soles of her flip-flops planted in the dust.

  • The Paris ReviewWinter 2013


    It started a few weeks after we separated for good. In this line of work, the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. But to call it “flying” might be to misrepresent it....

  • GrantaJuly 2003

    The Tutor

    She was an American girl, but one who apparently kept Bombay time, because it was three-thirty when she arrived for their one o’clock appointment.

  • The New YorkerJune 2001

    Début Fiction - Lucky Girls

    I had often imagined meeting Mrs. Chawla, Arun's mother. It would be in a restaurant, and I would be wearing a sophisticated blue suit that my mother had sent me soon after I moved to India, and Mrs. Chawla would not be able to keep herself from admiring it. Of course, in those fantasies, Arun was always with me...


  • NautilusJune 2022

    Who Are the Scientists Here?

    Mo’orea, a Pacific Island, spotlights the rift in conservation between foreign scientists and Indigenous people.

  • The Paris ReviewSeptember 2018

    In Tribute to Joyce Carol Oates

    When Joyce Carol Oates’s canonical story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” was made into a film in 1985, the author mostly approved....

  • Harper's MagazineAugust 2015

    House of Fire

    Fali Madon was looking for a bride. A boyish twenty-seven-year-old with twin passions for physical fitness and expensive cars, Fali was the chief priest of a Parsi fire temple in the Colaba district of Mumbai....

  • The New York Times MagazineFebruary 2014

    'We Were About Half a Mile From Shore, Naked and Drunk to a Man'

    On a sticky day in late June 2003, I was walking down West 16th Street in New York feeling sorry for myself — the only person in a city of eight million without Fourth of July plans — when I ran into a beautiful and sophisticated woman I slightly knew....

  • n + 1October 2013


    In “The Eye,” one in the discrete group of stories that concludes Alice Munro’s new collection, the author describes going as a child to view the open casket of the family’s “hired girl,” Sadie....

  • Travel and LeisureMay 2009

    Passage to Pondicherry

    Pondicherry, a breezy oasis on India's Coromandel Coast, has the laid-back feel of a college town—one with an ashram, French colonial architecture, and a particularly benevolent elephant.

  • Travel and LeisureApril 2009

    The Beijing Art Scene

    Beijing's vibrant arts scene has gone from underground to big-time. as the city rushes to transform itself, Nell Freudenberger tags along with a few of the Chinese art world's brightest stars.

  • GrantaDecember 2008

    Over There

    Americans, speaking of foreign lands, often say, ‘It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.’ Somewhere in that cheery sentence is an insult—especially if you live in the place being dismissed—but few such speakers would acknowledge it.