• The Paris ReviewFall 2018


    “A guy’s looking at you.” Lexy knew better than to turn around. The swings were twisted up to the steel frame, the soles of her flip-flops planted in the dust.

  • The Paris ReviewWinter 2013


    It started a few weeks after we separated for good. In this line of work, the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. But to call it “flying” might be to misrepresent it....

  • The Paris ReviewWinter 2015

    Found Objects

    I took Martha’s scooter and helmet with me to pick her up, and she was excited when she saw me. “I’m riding my scooter!” she told several older kids, sitting on the steps of the school having lunch....

  • GrantaJuly 2003

    The Tutor

    She was an American girl, but one who apparently kept Bombay time, because it was three-thirty when she arrived for their one o’clock appointment.


  • The Paris ReviewSeptember 2018

    In Tribute to Joyce Carol Oates

    When Joyce Carol Oates’s canonical story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” was made into a film in 1985, the author mostly approved....

  • Harper's MagazineAugust 2015

    House of Fire

    Fali Madon was looking for a bride. A boyish twenty-seven-year-old with twin passions for physical fitness and expensive cars, Fali was the chief priest of a Parsi fire temple in the Colaba district of Mumbai....

  • The New York Times MagazineFebruary 2014

    'We Were About Half a Mile From Shore, Naked and Drunk to a Man'

    On a sticky day in late June 2003, I was walking down West 16th Street in New York feeling sorry for myself — the only person in a city of eight million without Fourth of July plans — when I ran into a beautiful and sophisticated woman I slightly knew....

  • n + 1October 2013


    In “The Eye,” one in the discrete group of stories that concludes Alice Munro’s new collection, the author describes going as a child to view the open casket of the family’s “hired girl,” Sadie....

  • Travel and LeisureMay 2009

    Passage to Pondicherry

    Pondicherry, a breezy oasis on India's Coromandel Coast, has the laid-back feel of a college town—one with an ashram, French colonial architecture, and a particularly benevolent elephant.

  • Travel and LeisureApril 2009

    The Beijing Art Scene

    Beijing's vibrant arts scene has gone from underground to big-time. as the city rushes to transform itself, Nell Freudenberger tags along with a few of the Chinese art world's brightest stars.

  • GrantaDecember 2008

    Over There

    Americans, speaking of foreign lands, often say, ‘It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.’ Somewhere in that cheery sentence is an insult—especially if you live in the place being dismissed—but few such speakers would acknowledge it.